Eva van Strien is a transdisciplinary eco* designer, researcher and activist based in the Netherlands. 

*Ecology is a term derived from Greek, meaning the study of (inter) relationships between living beings.

Eva considers design as a powerful tool to reshape the bio-social relationships between humans and Nature, humans and plants. Her work translates into ways that question our perception and encourages to go beyond a naïve understanding of the intelligent natural world. Eva is dedicated to create a different approach to future design and well-being regarding our inner and outer ecosystem. Developing ethno-horticultural dialogues by cultivating kinship between humans and Nature, humans and plants. Celebrating the sensory richness of the land. Bringing new narratives to bridge the human - Nature divide. 

Above all, Eva is a wonderer, she marvels at the extraordinary, the wondrous moments, the ephemeral like we used to when we were a child. The intelligent natural world moves her deeply every day, and gives her a profound sense of inter-being, meaning, inspiration and determination. 

"Remember the gifts and lessons of Nature in a world where we've forgotten how to hear her voice"                

~ Robin Wall Kimmerer