Regenerating Ecologies |Scientific Design Collaboration | Wageningen, The Netherlands 2019 - 2020

Team Anthroponix (Markus Wernli, Sarah Daher & Eva van Strien) proposes a new concept for generating productive ecosystems based on our ‘bodily waste’, called Nutropia. In future circular nutrient systems, there is no end and no beginning. In our research, we will focus on the point where the current nutrient system fails; human excreta.

Together with LeAF WUR (an independent organization, supportingthe development and application of high-quality technology for the treatment and valorisation of waste water, manure and bio- mass), we are pioneering the process of Lactic Acid Fermentation of human urine, and at the same time implementing the research in the social sphere by working with participants and bringing people into action. Focussing on the fermentation of urine, and to research if this low cost technique could neutralize part of the harmful trace medication/ pharmaceutical drug residue present in human urine. This collaboration will provide the scientific basis for the design and implementation of a new system regarding nutrient recovery; using human urine as a local and national resource for growing edible plants as well as a medium for regenerating soil-, water- and land ecologies.

Supported by Creative Industries NL. In collaboration with LeAF Wageningen University and Research.